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Sports Teamwear

Teamwear will lead the new sports craze, let us help you show team spirit! Whether it is a car race, a ball game, or a sports competition, when you put on the team uniform the moment, you represent the most eye-catching team, unity, energy, blood! Please give us the charm of the team to show, let us help you in the field of sweat! We provides the ODM and OEM service for your custom sports teamwear.

Custom - Sportswear

No matter in the stadium, in the competition, in the team building activities, we all have the same eye-catching logo, full of energy! Customized sportswear, personalized to show the sportsmanship and charm. If you have a unique logo, why not display it on our clothes ? If you need your own unique logo, let our designers help you! Trust us, we will show your sportsmanship! As the leading custom sportswear manufacturer in China, We are going to provide service of design and production for your own sportswear.

Promotional Events Clothing

Do you want to be the center of attention? Here, there are bold colors and prints to show off your personal charm. In an event promotion, unique clothing can make you shine! If you want to make this event more memorable and personal, please find your “good partner” here! With more than 30 years experience in clothing, We provides design and production for unique promo events clothing for many clients, working for F1, FE, MotoGP, Beijing Olympics, Australia Open, Boston Marathon, etc.

Other Products

Don't doubt, this is true! If you want to improve your clothing taste, the most important thing is to correct your attitude. When you see those amazing fashions, the craftsmen’s ingenious union will make you look at clothing, yourself, and even this era. This is the charm of fashion, creation Good, you will feel like the luckiest person in the world.

We are not only provide the design and production for custom sportswear, sports teamwear, branding promo and events clothing, custom workwear and uniform, special design activewear and fitness wear, but only provide the production service for personlized logo clothing and sporty apparel for many clients and brands.