Quick Sampling

With a well-equipped sampling room and dedicated staff, we are capable of fast sampling that can be completed within 5-7 days.

This service allows you to make an informative decision on whether to proceed with mass production or include small adjustments to the design of your workout clothing.

Remarkable Packaging Branding

Packaging is a powerful branding tool that draws the attention of your target audience. With our customization options that include hand tags, labels, packaging material, boxes, and more, we help your workout clothing brand get recognized by potential buyers.

Convenient Logistics Management

We partner with trusted logistic companies, ensuring a fast, economical, and safe delivery of your orders. We also provide door-to-door sea and air logistics solutions. The short shipping time on your orders ensures you can tap into rising demand within your target market.

Hassle-free After-sales Service

Any issues you have with your workout clothing order will be resolved promptly through our after-sales service. Uga support staff will be in touch with you to assist you with your orders.